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tv   KWWL News at Noon  NBC  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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your first forecast. temperatures are still on the mild side as we head into the are helping from the south and southwest at 5 to mainly in the south, but heading to the northeast. we will keep overnight. as the rain tracks in, temps may stall a bit, but we should still bein the mid of the week and we have more this afternoon we have dash cam should still be in the mid 70s0s in mamay areas this afternoon ff highs. we stay mild for much of the week and we have more ances of rain. i'll have that forecast for you in a few minutes. officer shooting and killing an unarmed man.
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car out of the lane and pull over there. this all happened in des moines in june. the officer asks te suspect to pull into a nearby parking lot. the suspect speeds off, pulls a u-turn, thenncomes to a stop -- that's when the shots are fired. we do not have video of the shooting. yesterday, des moines police said the officeras jusitified in the shooting -- she says she pulled her gun because the man was acting erratically. a grand jury also cleared her of any wrongdoing. now to decision 20-16 donald trump is holding onto his lead as ben carson edges closer. a new poll shows trump with his biggest lead yet. traciepotts breaks down the latest poll numbers. our new poll shows 25 percent of likely republican primary voters favor dononld trump. "i mean it's number one, you "trump's ceiling is, right now, li-itless" n carson's up too - now in a statistical tie with trump. "itits time for uu to
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back to our country" carson's got the most support when you combine first and second choices. and far ahead among candidates republicans could see third. "we can't have another four years like the last eight years." carly fiorina - who got a bump after the first debate - slipped four points this onth: "i will not falter and i will to keep the momentum. as for the democrats, hillary clinton's off the campaign trail for a few days, prfparing for her testimony here thursday before also on the democratic side -- we're still waiting on a decision from vice president joe biden about whether he's running. in many polls he does better than some of the candidates who' already announced-- that includes jii webb. today, we expect him to announce he's considering a run as an
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independent. the former virginia senator complained during last week's democratic debate that he didn't get enough time to speak. he also claimed the debate was mostly focused on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the prridential campaigs of both ben carson and donald trump have requested secret service protection. a congressional advisory committee will determine whether the requets are actually granted. carson himself suggeuted he wasn't interested in receivng extra protection... but hinted that t e had become a "target" because of his campaign message. veterans are joining together today for eastern iowa honor flight number 22.... about 100 vets will be exlporing washington d.c. .... seeing many of the monuments dedicated to their service. kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us live.... she was at the airport all morning and spoke with some of the vets on today's flight. it was definately an exciting morning glly... the honor flight left arond 7 a.m. .... and the people on board have about 17
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while at the arport...i spoke with not nly veterans but also the people traveling with them... there arar a lot of vett who go on the honor flight with a family member.... but there's also a lot who go with a gaurdian who they don't know that well... veteran bob mcshane and his gaurdian jan otto jut met a few weeks ago... "we have just met.i don't know him really well yet. but we will that didnt happen. so i still wanted to be a gaurdian. i think looking at the memorials through the eyes of the veterans is going to be exciting and emotional. i'll probably be a mess by the end of the day but im just thrilled to be able to do thths." n and bob toldldme that they already figured out this morning how small of a worlit is. bob's niece used to be one of jan's managers at aaiant energy... another interesting fact about the honor flight is it's starting to see and accept more
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vietnam war veterans... there is about 35 of them on this flight... there's also 13 world war two vets and 39 korean war vets. we've got you covered... live in the newsroom... amanda gilbert...kwwl news. the honor flight is expected to arrive backat the eastern iowa airport around 10 tonight. anyone can come welcome the vets coming up... tis the season r holiday shopping-- and a new study shows more people are shopping while they're at work! and, the hershey company's ionic kisses are doubling in size...
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we'll be right back with your storm track seven forecast. some showers are tracking into the area.. but they may fall apart before
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anything. more chances of rain exist in the storm track 7 day forecast... i'll have that coming up. "you're wathing kwwl. we've got you covered, witp ally crutcher and meteorologist eileen loan. this is the kwwl "now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather iformation. here is additional forecast information from m he kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: burn bans continue in many counties of the viewing area and we may see a few more added before we get enough rain... wehave a chance of a few showers today and tomorrow, but it doesn't look like a lot of moisture will track k hrough. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will be lucky to catch some of those rain showers today with the really dry air oveus. temperatures are still mild... we are mostly in the 60s and 70s, althoughhain is keepinn it cooler around lamoni. we continue with
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southerly winds and they are running mostly 5 to 15 mph wit some higher gusts. clouds tracking into the area have a few showers with them.we will see a few showers today through tomorrow as the system tracks to our north dragging the cool front into the state. rainfalal amounts will stay light with ooly about a tenth inch or (mainly) less expected with a few areas getting up to half an inch throuh wednesday. while it will be gusty, the winds won't be ywhere near yesterday's levels, but they will help keep our highs in the low to mid 70s. a few showers may track through with a rumble of thunder possible, too. a few showers are possible tonight,
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otherwise mostly cloudy with mid to upper 50s and then low to mid 70s again for wednesday with a few showers possiblee.. although most of us should stay dry. a better chance of rain tracks in for friday and friday night with temperatures dropping back to normal over the weekend... and euen a little beow normal on monday. coming up.... kow an itsy bitsy spider causes a chain-reaction rash injuririg several people. and, an animal makes a visit to a
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college dorm. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in cnrad, postille, iowa city4and all of
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fans of that galaxywars: the force wakens" monday night. the ful-length trailer aired during halftime of "monday night football" on espn. tickets went on sale for the december 18th opening right after the trailer aired. so many people went online to crashed for a b.
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a spider is the cause of a chain- reaction crash that left eleven people injured. this happened in kansas. a teenaged driver lost control of her vehicle after being distracted by a spider, lamming into another car and causing four vehicles to crash.those injured wre taken to the hospital for treatment. a college dodom gets an unexpcetee visitor walking around. take a look at this deer stumbling into the residence hall at augustana college in rock island, illinois, school officials say the deer later made its way safey off campus. coming up.... mouth watering nees about a w hershey kiss that'll be hitting store shelves. and, a major problem forces apple to remove numerous apps from their i- tunes app store. this is kwwl-- we'llbe right bac and when you see news - or if you have pictures s r video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page t stay up to date on breaking news
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personal info from people? who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and x cuts every single year. right totoise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax vts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. that...or therrwere anyway.
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the problem was found over the weekend....leading apple to remove 2- hundred and 56 apps from the i-tunes app store. no word yet on what apps were affected. apple officials are w working with developers to fix these apps to make sure they're safe-- in the meantime, they're banned from being downloaded. and if you plan to shop for the holidays while you should be working... you won't re alone. a new report says nearly 2 percent of people will shop online dring their work hours this holiiy season. in addition, 33percent said they'll take a longer lunch break so they can shop. nearly 20 percent will leave work early. and a bold three percent said they'll fake a sick day to go holiday shopping today, hershey is launching a new product in the u-s called hershey's kisses deluxe. it's double the size of the standard kiss, flecked with rice crisps, and has a hazelnut center. it also has a gold wrapper instead of silver. hershey's introduced the product in 2013 in china whereet was a
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hit... bu the american version has rice crisps instead of wheat crisps, allowing it to be marketed as gluten-free. the new kisses will be available here in the statete, nationwide, n early november... and will be sold through valentine's day. coming up on kwwl, the mister food test kitchen.... today we have a recipe filled with pumpkjn, spice and everything nice. stick around, that's next. bututfirst, a look at your latest numbers from wall street and the every week here in the test kitchen e talk about what types of recipes we should make based on your input. so todayyi figured i would ask howard. right now a lot of people are craving anything pumpkin. we've also seen a big the mark since it combines both of these trends.
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from theising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get woe. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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people are craving anythinin pumpkin. we've also seen big trend in dump cakes. so the cake you're making today is right on the mark since it combines both of these trends. thanks merly. for the cake, all we do is add some evaporated
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that's mixed, we spread it in a 9" x " dish and sprinkle on a box of white cake mix. yup, right from the box, not made according to the package directions. ok, we top 4hat with somedbutter and top that with toothpick test, we let it cool and thh nice thing about dump cakes is that they're so easy to make. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for what we call, "autumn pumpkin dump cake," so you can be armed with a dessert that is not only downright amazing, it's perfect this time of year. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitcben, where today we found a "simpler way" for you to y .
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praying on the field. but a coach -- along with his lawyer -- disagree. the@controversy ahead... and, oprah winfrey doing big things once aggin. whwht company she decides to buy into sending shares of the stock soaring and, how one group of farmers are plowing wit equipment you might not expect tis harvest season. welcome back to the news at noon.. i'm ally crutcher firefighters found one person dead when they recponded to a house
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fire this morning. it happened in the 700 block of linden avenue in waterloo kwwl's laururn moss just spoke with relatives and firefighters, she joins us ow with the latest. ally, still a lot of questions here but a woman in her 60s was found dead inside her home. and waterloo firefighters are calling it an accidental fire and death. firefighters say thefire was relatiely small..but when ey entered the ome, there wws quite a bb o smoke. the woman who died was 64 year old rebecca lavenz, firighters say she lived alone as i menoned the waterloo fire we don't know th cause of her just that it was an accident. now i spoke with rebecccs brother, who is also her irish twin. he didn't want to go on camera as you can he told me she was an army veteran comingup tonight at 5 and 6. we've got yoy covered, lauren moss ...kwwl news.
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thanks lauren- keep it to kkl and for updates throughout the day. let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your first foreeast. temperatures are still on the mild side as we head into the afternoon... we are already in the 70s in many areas. winds are helping from the south and have some showers tracking into the area, too, mainly in the south, but heading to the northeast. we will keep a few showers in the forecast through the day and to the overnight. as the rain tracks in, temps may stall a bit, but we should still be in the mid 70s in many areas this afternoon for highs. we stay mild for muh of the week and we ve more chances of rain. i'll have that forecast for you in a few minutes. this weather mean farmers are
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out in the fields harvesting. but one group is plowing with equipment you might not expect, and they're doing ittor fun -- story. at first glance, you'd almost swear it's john deere himself... plowing a path through a rugged landscape. manipulating a powerful machine that's a relic from yester-year. ''it's a 1930 jon deere g-t rated 23 horsspower on the bell lley and about 10 on the crossbar." dick bockwoldt knows tractors, and so do his buddies and fellow members of the ''deer today' and this is an annual thing every year." this long line of classic "i've had this tractor many until it looks brown likea turtle! just kidding - this is the original paint job, or what's left of it!" many might consider a full day of tilling to be quite a bit of work ... but to these vintage farmers with
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machines to match ... this is just the ohposite. "what they can do is come and play, that's what it's all about" it's like a hobby? yup. a hobby. that's what its about." and farmers are as friendly as they are fun -- letting our tiffany liou feel the excitement they feel -- f frst hand. "yeah first time on a tracacor , how fun is that!" some of the plows used have been around since the 19-30's. here in eastern iowathis week -- we're taking a look at each of the five candidates running for waterloo mayor. buck clark is not seeking -election. kwwl's nikki newbrough spoke with current black hawk county supervisor, frank magsamen and has his story. frank magsamen says it was the right time when deciding home here in 1968. he was a small business owner, fire chief, and
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black hawk being elected on the black hawk county board of supervisors. "and where we put together a very effective form of government that addresses financial infrstructure needs and i believe we've done just tomove towards a different form of government." that idea is where the mayor becomee a part time council. "by having people serve on boards and commissions and by getting citizens impute the mayor has the time to be out there working in the community to do this." magsaen says he's also looking to reduce future costs for the city, by looking into green looking at using out biogas we produce at waterloo pollution control, looking at how we can reduce waste we produce as individuals in this community." that, along with stronger public safety, magsamen says he'd be the right fit for mayor of
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in wattloo nikki newbrough kwwl news. magsamen says his volunteer experience has also carried him a lng way in the community. he's been involved in the waterloo exchange cub, salvation army, and family and children's council. . e'll profile tte rest of the candidates throughout the week. as drug issues grow in one iowa county -- the sheriff' office gets a new tool tfight the problem. meet jarvis. he's the newest member of the black hawk county sheriff's department. this is the second dog for the department. within two hours on the job, jarvis made his first drug arrest...ending with three people charged with possession of meh, marijuana,,and drug paraphernalia... "when it comes to narcotics sometimes you're not, you ask run a dog around the car wiihout any consent, it's an open air search and if he
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indicates on the car now we've got probable cause." jarvis can aso help with finding evidence and tracking missing children. one person is dead aaer an s-u-v crashes into a supermarket. it happened in houston. the woman who died was inside shopping with her sister and two- ar-old daughtern according to police -- the 74- year-old drver accidentally put the car in reverse and accelerated quickly, slamming into the stooe. ebony magazine is causing a stir with its new cover. it shows bill cosby's fictional t-v family underneath a shattered glass. and an editorial is asking...what's to become of the cosby show's cultural legacy if c csby personally has been tainted. "the cosby show" was a ground- breaker in terms of depicting the african-american family life. more than 30 women have accused cosby of rape over the years -- -though he denies it and has never been charged. today student leaders at one university may decide to remove the state flag.
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the mississippi flag still bears the smbol of the confederacy. a sophomore at ole miss s fighting to take the flag down -- calling a symbol of oppression. at least thhee of mississsppi's stopped flying the flag. the confederate flag will not fly at a courthouse in greene county, tennessee. the county commissionvoted down a resolution that would have allowed it. beforeethe meeting even began... t te county stoodd "i think it's time to let the "it represents bigotry. it represents negative things. things i don't want to be associated with greene county." despite the efforts by some who wanted to see the lag fly -- the county commission overwhelmigly said no. an unusual case of art theft in an francisco police say a man who was squatting in a million dollar mansioo attempted to steal and sell more than 300- thousand- dollars in pricey paintings from the property. the man was discovered inside
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the home sunday by a real estate agent. an investigation into the incident is ununerway. a coach breaks school orders to stop praying on the field. the school district in washington state believes a coach leading prayers is endorsing religion on duty. he stopped doing it but had a change of heart friday night after the homecoming game. playayrs from both teams joined in for a moment of silence... "me thanking god for what they just did how that could possibly be wrong in the eyes of society, the courts, or anybody." "i want to see everybody treated the same and nobody fel left out or excluded." the coach's lawyers say he has every right to do whatever he wants after the game. oprah winfrey's watched her weight for decades.. and now she's joining forces with weight watchers. the former talk show hossis buyiig a 10-percent stake in the weight-loss company, for about 43 million dollars. and she's joining the board of directors. weight atchers can use winfrey's name and image, and shll make personal appearances for the
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company. winfrey will also help develop progogams and inittatives. ming up ... do you miss summer ? we'll help bring it back to you-- with a look at the world's and wn you see news or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do at by going tt our page on facebook. you can lso "like" our page to stay up to date on breaking news and meteorologist will be back with your storm trackseven day
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you're looking for a medicare plan, we're health alliance. we believe in superheroes. in the slow dance at the end of the night. in being yourself. we believe isimplicity... and in doing good en no one's looking. to us, it just seems right.
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and learn more. you'll talk to a real person, not an automated syste we're part of your cmunity, not a conglomete. you can see the doctors you know and trustst and here is the best part. we have medicare plans that can save you hundreds of dollars on premiums. plans with prescription drug coverage, $0 deductibles and dental, vision and hearing benefits. se right to you? callllow for a free mededare information kit or come to a free medicare meeting. people who join us, stay with us. health alliance. just seems right. "now your storm track 7 forecast okwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additnal forecass information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: burn bans continue in many counties of the viewing area and we may see a
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few more added before we get enough ran... we have a chance of a few showers today and tomorrow, but it doesn't look like a lot of moisture will track through. stormtrack7 ve weather nntwork cameeas will be lucky to catch some of those rain showers today with the really dry air over us. temperatures are still mild... we are mostly in the 60s and 70s, although rain is keeping it cooler arwund lamoni. we contqnue with southerl winds and they are running mostly 5 to 15 mph with some higher gusts. clouds tracking into the area have a few showers with them.we will see a few showers today through tomorrow as the systemracks to our north draggin the cool froot into the state. rainfall amounts will stay light with only about a tenth inch or (mainly) less expected with a few areas getting up to half an inch through wednesday. while it will be gusty, the winds won't be anywhere near yesterday's levels, but
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they will helpkeep our highs in the low to mid 70s. a few showers may track through with a a rumble of thunder ssible, too.. a few showers are possible tonight, otherwise mostly cloudy with mid to upper 50s and thent& low to mid 70s again for wednesday with a few showers possible... although most of us should stay dry. a better chance of rain 4racks in for friday and friday night wilh temperature opping back to normal over the weekend... and even a little below normal on monday. low to mid 70s again for wednesday with a few most of us should stay dry. a better chance of rain tracks in
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temperatures dropping back to normal over the weekend... and evevn a little below normal on monday. jordan's dead sea is alive with tourists wanting to ride the
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newest and longest water slide. this slip 'n slide is now certified by the guiness world records as the longest on the planet at just more an two-thousanfeet! it was built as part of a campaign n o boost touriim in the kingdom. and best of all, the slide is mobile, which means slide operators can move it around to keep the experience fresh for thrillseekers. it'c a picture that may show the most infamous iceberg in history. and it's going up for auction. the grainy black-and-white photo was tken on the morning of april 15, 1912. by the time the picture was shot, the titanic had already sunk into the atlantic. a british auction house ii handling the pale. pre-sale estimatee place it between 15-to 23- thousad dollars. coming up ... still searching for the perfect halloween costume? stay tuned, we have some ideas for you
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why is there a nursing shortage? a significantmount of the nursing workforce is nearing retirementtage in the next 10-15 years, and we want to be ahead of this by hiring staff now that can learn from ouwell-seasoned nursingtaff to maintain our high level of care: 1) more nurses are needed to
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aging population as baby boomers reach age 60 and beyonon 2) with the affordable care act, we will see an increase in those seeking out health care. why are we just feeling it now? like most trends, they started on the coasts and worked their way toward the middle of the country. this is no diffeent. while thm nursing shortage subsided a bit in 2008 due to the economic downturn and nurses electing to put off
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starting to feel the effects of this as the economy improves and those who temporarily deled retirement e going forward with it. nurses are also leaaing the workforce temporarily to pursue higher levels of ucation (masterers degrees or advanced nurse practitioner degrees). such, we are beingproactive in our recruitment of healthcare workers because we don't want it to get
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halloween costumes are ripped from the headlines. cnn's jeanne moosbreports on 2015's craziest costumes. here at halloween adventure... you can pick up rops ranging from snakes to wings isn't it great? (jeanne moos) "so how many outselling hillary. i've had hillary for a while. hillary's old news." and this is what the media have been clling sexy donald trump for the ladies. sells lingerie but branched out to halloween costumes and when this happened. pizza."
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they introduced the pizza rat costume, with rat ears, tail and pepperoni pizza pockets. yandy's #1 bestselling costume is the blue/black vs. white/gold dress called "what is the color?" even the animal rights group peta is selling costumes. (dananarron)"this ii cecil the lion as you can see he's getting revenge on dr. palmer." peta says it's a tongue in cek way to provoke discussi of trophy hunting. (dan carron) "and be the talk of the party." e price, 140 ollars. the lilin's share goeeto costume when you've already dressed your baby up as the pope? and gotten his blessing. other do-it-yourself ideas for babies, movie popcorn or spaghetti and meeballs.
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pregnant, turn your baby bump into the perfect pearl or the magic 8 ball. but halloween mainsnsays tend to be mundane. (tony bianchi) "the bread nd butter are vampires. everybody wants to be vampire. everybody wants to e a zombie." and what's a kid wgnt to be? disney's barfing gnome. "there's a straw on inside it and you blow on it and it though there are those who would probably argue that people who dress up for halloween... "they're losers" jeanne moos cnn newew york. hopefully you got insired by some of these wacky ideas-- ince halloween is less than two weeks away. we'll be right back wiih a final
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trfestival. according to legend, the area surrouuding the toww, was created by a troll. he hated the noise f church bells so much that he set off with a sack of sand with the aim of burying the churches. t there was a hole in the sack and the sand ran out, thereby creating hills and a ridge. following a paraae, the originn trollltory was prooected onto aa
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it won't be as windy today and we may even see a few raindrops in some areas. some may get a tenth of an inch of rain, but most will see very little, if any, precip. highswill stay mil through tomorrow before dropping clos to normal by the weekend. a bbtter chance of rain tracks through on friday.
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noon. >> andre: we covered your entire debt, and you refuse to help my brother? >> aiden: i mean, do you really think if the evidence against chad came up missing, the police would just say, "oh, gosh, he's innocent"?
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